Tiki Tour 1200

Our ride starts at 6am on Sunday, leaving from Cycle Higher 9B Earl Street.

Welcome to our visting randonneurs from around the world.

Rider tracking

We have tracking devices on about 3/4 of our riders. Dot watchers can follow along at https://tikitour.maprogress.com or watch this page.

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Eh cuz, its time to have a nosey around the wop-wops of Neew Zeelnd and check out some mean as climbs, and nek minit, sweet patches of Godzone.  Your cuzzies have organised an awesome 1200K Tiki Tour of our mainland starting from Queenstown on March 12, 2017.  Don’t be a plonker and miss the party, so rattle your dags and enter online at https://www.kiwirandonneurs.org.nz/rides/tikitour

Chur bro. See u in March 2017 Queenstown. Aotearoa.

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To ensure you have a primo time and will be ready to give it heaps the qualifying criteria ensures that you can complete our Tiki Tour with no worries or throwing a wobbly. We invite partipicants who have completed any of the following:

  • A 1000km BRM since 1 November 2014
  • A 1200km LRM since 1 November 2014
  • A 400km (or longer) BRM since 1 November 2015
  • Kiwi Randonneurs GT Series 2015
  • Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge Maxi or Extreme Enduro in 2014, 2015 or 2016
  • Other relevant long distance rides at discretion of president@kiwirandonneurs.org.nz

Vollies Ride

The Kiwi Randonneurs whanau are riding the route on 28 December, 2016 to ensure everything is sussed out for our sweet as TikiTour 1200k.


 NameClub (ACP)Town/CityCountryStatus
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comBECKHAM, JonSan Francisco RandonneursSan Francisco, CAUnited StatesConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comBERINGHELE, DanSan Francisco RandonneursRichmondUnited StatesConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comBOULYCHEV, AlexeyBaltic StarSaint-PetersburgRussiaConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comBRYANT, KatherineAudax AustraliaDee WhyAustraliaConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comCAMMELL, RussellChannel Islands Bike ClubSAN BERNARDINOUSAConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comCHAPLIN, SarahAudax AustraliaBoroniaAustraliaConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comCRIBB, PaulKiwi RandonneursTenterfieldAustraliaConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comDANG, DzungSan Francisco Randonneurs USASan Jose, CaliforniaUSAConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comDELAHUNTY, MichaelKiwi RandonneursWellingtonNew ZealandConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comDRISCOLL, DanLone Star Randonneurs Arlington, TexasUSAConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comGARRITY, IanAudax AustraliaDee WhyAustraliaConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comGILL, SimonAudax Australia - Victoria WarranwoodAustraliaConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comHEAL, PeterAudax AustraliaDuffyAustraliaConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comINAGAKI, Mitsuaki(micky)AUDAX JAPANnaganoJapanConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comISHII, TomoyukiAudax JapanFUKUOKAJapanConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comJENSEN, Jan erikKiwi RandonneursfredriksdalSwedenConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comKAMENTSEV, MikhailBalticStarSt.PetersburgRussiaConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comKILGORE, BryanSan Francisco RandonneursOaklandUnited StatesConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comKIMBER, DmitriiBalticStarSaint-PetersburgRussiaConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comMUONEKE, VincentSeattle International RandonneursBurienUnited StatesConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comNGUYEN, HuySan Francisco Randonneurs USAcupertinousaConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comNITSCHE, WolfgangARA NordbayernBönnigheimGermanyConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comOBATA, AkikoAudax JapanTokyoJapanConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comPAGE, WarrenSydney NSWHornsby HeightsAustraliaConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comPATERSON, LeighAudax AustraliaBox Hill NorthAustraliaConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comPETERSON, EricGreat Lakes RandonneursNapervilleUSAConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comPOTTER, MitchellDC RandonneursArlingtonUSAConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comROBERTSON, HughKiwi RandonneursChristchurchNew ZealandConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comSATO, JunAudax SaitamaTokyoJapanConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comTACHIKAWA, KazuakiAudax Randonnerus SaitamaSetagayaJapanConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comTHOMAS, MarkSeattle International RandonneursKirkland, WAUnited StatesConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comTOMIOKA, YasuhikononeKawagoe-shi Saitama-kenJapanConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comWILBY, ChrisAudax UK ConwyWalesConfirmed
Flag images from http://www.senojflags.comYAMAUCHI, KazuhiroAudax Japan KagoshimaJapanConfirmed