Do it yourself Randonneuring

DIY events allow riders to plan and schedule their events and still have them validated by Kiwi Randonneurs. They are an excellent option for riders whose other commitments make attending a calendar ride difficult or where a local permanent or calendared event is not close to where they live.

One of the key differences with a DIY route is that it can be a point-to-point making it a great option to incorporate into a tour or other non-Kiwi Randonneurs event.

The rules

  • DIY Brevets follow the same route design, nominal distance, and timing rules as KRM or KRG Brevets. 
  • They need a minimum of 1 control per 50 km
  • They can be point-to-point
  • The rider must supply electronic proof of passage to the Ride Organiser. This can be
  • Scans of receipts that validate the location and time at a control
  • Photo’s at checkpoints that contain GPS and time metadata
  • A GPX file is (preferred) to prove proof of passage
  • You must register your DIY Brevet route with its controls and have it approved before you start through the Kiwi Randonners Website
  • DIY Brevets are only open to Kiwi Randonners Members
  • You need a Permanent/DIY season pass to register your DIY
  • DIY Brevets are homologated by Kiwi Randonneurs