Tougher than the Ashhurst routes, Pahiatua has something for everyone, with arguably some of the best and most scenic gravel riding in the lower North Island. The routes on this page are provisional. Last year, we could not run the 250 km route because of flood damage to the road between Pongaroa and Akito Beach.

In 2024, the route starts at the Pahiatua Town Hall at 7am on the 16 March 2024.

80 km Route

A lovely route for people who are new to brevet riding or want a shorter day. There are no huge hills, and the gravel along the ridge above Pahiatua is smooth and fast. 

Note there are no services on this short route, although you can detour to Mangatainoka at 33 km

767 metres of climbing, 31% unpaved

160 km Route

It is not too long and not too short; this might be the Goldilocks distance. Plus, there is a pub in the middle for lunch.  Initially, it shares the same route with the 250 km route, other than when it gets to Route 52; it stays there till just past the pub, then rejoins the 250 km route again, ascending Towai and back to Pahiatua.

Note there are Toilets at Pongaroa, a Pub and Dairy (that may or may not be open) and water.

2,315 metres of climbing, 48% unpaved.


250 km Route

Not for the faint-hearted. This 249 km route heads out of Pahiatua and wends to Akio Beach, then back to Pahiatua the hard way up Towai Road.

Note there are no services on this route. Carry or be able to treat enough water to complete the event.

3,659 meters of climbing, 47% unpaved