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By registering with this website, you become a "Guest", and will be able to participate in up to three rides on a trial basis before becoming a member of Kiwi Randonneurs.

Joining Kiwi Randonneurs

Kiwi Randonneurs is a volunteer led, membership based organisation that is incorporated as a not-for-profit Society. We expect regular participants on our rides and activities to become members and make every effort to ensure our membership rates are both compelling and as inexpensive as possible.

Kiwi Randonneurs is a member of Cycling New Zealand - Wellington and is affilated with Les Randonneurs Mondiaux and Cycling New Zealand. Kiwi Randonneurs has members throughout New Zealand, and many expatriates now living abroad.

Most rides organised by Kiwi Randonneurs are are recognised internationally by les Randonneurs Mondiaux and Audax Club Parisien.

There are two components to our membership fee - a Cycling New Zealand license, and the Kiwi Randonneurs Membership fee. If you already have a Cycling New Zealand license through membership of another affiliated club you do not need to pay for this part of the membership fee.

As a benefit of membership you will receive a $10 discount on up to four unsupported Kiwi Randonneurs rides per year.

If you are under 19 years old, please contact us as further discounts may be available.

For most members, the Kiwi Randonneurs Membership + CyclingNZ Adult License is the most appropriate choice of membership.

Membership Option Kiwi Randonneurs Membership Cycling New Zealand License Total
Kiwi Randonneurs Membership + Cycling New Zealand Adult License
Allows entry into all Kiwi Randonneurs events, as well as races and inter-club races organised by other clubs; Wellington Centre Championships, National Championships, 2017 World Masters Games
$15 $65 $80
Kiwi Randonneurs Membership Only
You must have a Cycling New Zealand license through membership of another Cycling New Zealand affiliated club
$15 - $15

You can find out more about the Cycling New Zealand Licenses here.


2018 Membership

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