Flèche NZ

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Ride Name: Flèche NZ
Date(s)03/03/2018 - 04/03/2018
All Day


Who is up for a Different Challenge?

The Flèche is all about riding as a team and challenging yourselves to ride further.

Teams ride during 24 hours to cover the longest distance possible (minimum of 360 km).
After the ride, all participants meet and celebrate together at a common location.

For the mainland somewhere in the Oxford-Amberley area would allow teams from Nelson/Blenheim, West Coast and Canterbury to plan a route that meets the requirements.

For the North Island someone will need to pick a reasonably central location based on likely teams and suitable routes.

Any takers?

What is a Flèche?

Flèches Nationales are annual events held in various regions or countries, whereby teams of cyclists all head to a common destination from various starting points.

The word “Flèche” is French for “arrow”.

In the cycling context it evokes the image of teams converging on a destination as arrows might on a target in an archery competition.

Cycling teams start all over each region and converge on a single destination.

How to ride a successful Flèche

Follow the seven-step plan:

  1. Recruit your riding friends to ride the Flèche this year.
  2. Work out a route.
    You can’t cover the same road twice in the same direction and you must ride at least 360km to reach one of the designated finish locations within 24 hours. Otherwise, it’s up to you.
  3. Email your local organiser (see above) to enter your team.
    Also submit your route map.
  4. If you’re bringing a support crew, work out where you’ll meet them for food, water and support.
  5. Ride it.
    Take breaks, eat meals, and even sleep if you have spare time.
  6. Keep riding.
    You must ride a minimum distance of 25km in the last two hours of the event, this means you can’t just bowl over 360km and finish in the middle of the night.
  7. Finish.
    Eat breakfast, and tell everyone who’ll listen how good you are.

Please familiarise yourself with the Fleche Rules and Kiwi Randonneur’s lighting rules .

After you enter, everyone in your team will be provided with a brevet card, which you have stamped/signed at controls along the way (roughly every 50-80km) as a record of your progress.

Route information

Each team works out its own route, to be submitted for approval prior to the ride

Route information can be found on RideWithGPS.

Get Cue Sheet (PDF) (from RideWithGPS)

TCX with turn by turn for Garmin Fitness devices (from RideWithGPS)

GPX for almost any GPS device (from RideWithGPS)

Remember: It is your responsibility to ensure you are visible at night or during low light conditions. Please be familiar with Kiwi Randonneurs Night Riding rules.
Please note: Some RideWithGPS features for generating cue sheets and Garmin Direct write are only available if you join the Kiwi Randonneurs RideWithGPS Club, which gives you access to paid features for Kiwi Randonneurs rides.

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