The Volcanic Excursion

Volcanic Excursion Flyer

This will be the third running of this ride and is one of feature events of Kiwi Randonneurs annual calendar and unlike our other rides it will include supported checkpoints.

We offer choices of either a 326km or a 652km Randonneur (Audax) Style ride on February 06th (652km) 0r February 07th (326km).

There will be three manned Controls (Turangi, Tokaanu and National Park) which will also feature ‘bag drops’ if required. Coffee, Soup and Water will be available at these Controls. The fourth Control will be Taupo, which has multipule 24hr outlets for water and food.

The course can best be described as ‘challenging’ with one or two traverses of the Rangipo Desert 1072m.asl, and for the 652km events a reverse course around part of the otherwise familiar Taupo Cycle Challenge circuit.

This event will adhere to the free-paced Randonneuring rules (BRM).


You can find route information on The Volcanic Excursion Route Page.

Enter: The Volcanic Excursion on 06/02/2014 - 08/02/2014

Volcanic Excursion 2014 - Results

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With generally favourable weather for the Volcanic Excursion over the weekend, all riders successfully completed their rides within the time-limits. Peter & Martin hamnered the whole way around the route, to finish with a sharp time.
Personally, I found it to be an exhilarating finish to the weekend, watching the time and distance as Tim O'Brien rolled in just before the time limit to be the first ever finisher to complete the full reverse of the route, for a long 652km "600", with about 9000m of climbing!

A big thankyou to Kelvin Spicer for travelling down and going above & beyond to help support the 2014 edition of the Volcanic Excursion and to Peter Cole for organising the event.

Results - Volcanic Excursion 2014

Rider Category Elasped Time Status
COLE, Peter 300 Randonneur 13h21m FINISHED
HENDERSON, Simon 300 Randonneur 17h20m FINISHED
LINCOLN, Martin 300 Randonneur 13h21m FINISHED
O'BRIEN, Tim 600 Randonneur 39h55m FINISHED
ROWE, Jeremy 300 Randonneur 14h05m FINISHED


Volcanic Excursion Flyer