Finalised Tiki Tour Route

Following our vollies ride, I've made some tweaks to the route. These reduce the gravel on route to just 1.8km while still avoiding what we perceive as the worst traffic spots in the area, and also eliminating a couple of unnecessary 18% pinches on the way back to Queenstown.

The first two days are quite demanding. We have spaced out the first control on the third day to be time-limit friendly.

If you would like to use a phone as backup to GPS, I recommend joining our RideWithGPS club where you will be able to get offline maps and other "premium" features when riding on routes organised by Kiwi Randonneurs.
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Following final tweaks to the route, there is now just 1.8km of hardpack, which is in better condition than some of the sealed roads. The rest is sealed, but much on the eastern side of the route is large stones in the chipseal, so I still recommend 28-32mm tyres.

Days 1 & 2 are tough. Day 3 has some of the fastest parts of the route.
Day 4 is the taper off.

Whole route:

Tiki Tour 1200K (Whole Route)

Day One:

Tiki Tour 1200K (Day One)

Day Two:

Tiki Tour 1200K (Day Two)

Day Three:

Tiki Tour 1200K (Day Three)

Day Four:

Tiki Tour 1200K (Day Four)

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