PBP 2011 Qualification

Here are the results I have for PBP qualifying rides.

Please let me know if I am missing any ride information.

Congratulations Ed, Iwao, Douglas & Craig on qualifying for PBP 2011!

I believe it is possible to substitute a longer ride for a shorter ride so even though some of you have not done a 300 (according to my records) you have qualified on the basis that you have more than one 400 or 600.
200 300 400 600 Qualified
Allen 1 2 2 Y
Baker 1
Bridgman 1
Fujii 1 1 1 1 Y
Heal 1
Mabey 2 2 2 Y
McDonald 2 1
McGregor 1 3 2 Y
Yamazaki 1 1
Please let me know if anyone is contemplating entering any of my rides over the coming month.
30th April 300
7th May 200
14th May 400
28th May 600

* Does not include brevets that were certified by Audax Australia (e.g. Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge Enduro, which could optionally be ridden as a 300km brevet)

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