Paris Brest Paris

Paris Brest Paris (or PBP) is a 1200km randonnee held every four years, and is considered the monument event of randonneuring.  The next event is due to be held in August 2015.

The PBP began in 1891, making it longest running cycling event. The last professional PBP was in 1951, but the PBP randonnee continues to grow with 6000 riders expected in Paris for the 2011 event. The PBP is the big event that many randonneurs aspire to with randonneurs around the world completing qualifying rides over 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km in the year of PBP.

PBP is often seen as the pinnacle of randonneuring achievement.
Paris-Brest-Paris 2011
French record breaking sailor Olivier de Kersausan describes such a challenge well: "To feel euphoric when getting ready, excited at the start, to suffer, to hesitate, to be determined again, to sink back into discouragement, to recover strength to go further, to try to stay awake, again and again, and eventually to arrive safe and sound at the harbour. The deep sense of achievement makes us forget the suffering."


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New Zealand Finishers of the Paris-Brest-Paris

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List of known New Zealand finishers of the Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur.

Year Name Nation Time Club
2007 Anton Blackie NZ 79h16m RANDONNEURS NEW-ZEALAND
2003 Barry Bridgman NZ 85h49m RANDONNEURS NEW-ZEALAND
2007 Colin Anderson NZ 66h22m RANDONNEURS NEW-ZEALAND
2011 Craig McGregor NZ 85h32m RANDONNEURS NEW-ZEALAND
2015 Craig McGregor NZ 89h30m KIWI RANDONNEURS INC
2015 Dan Hayman NZ 62h58m AUDAX UK
2007 Douglas Mabey NZ 81h21m RANDONNEURS NEW-ZEALAND
2011 Douglas Mabey NZ 86h22m RANDONNEURS NEW-ZEALAND
2011 Edward Allen NZ 89h17m RANDONNEURS NEW-ZEALAND
2007 Joshua Kench NZ 60h17m RANDONNEURS NEW-ZEALAND
2011 Katherine Bryant NZ 78h58m A.A.NEW SOUTH WALES
2015 Katherine Bryant NZ 80h06m A.A.NEW SOUTH WALES
1995 Leslie Vincent NZ 65h17m A.A. NEW ZEALAND
2003 Leslie Vincent NZ 70h39m RANDONNEURS NEW-ZEALAND
2007 Marian Savage NZ 74h09m RANDONNEURS NEW-ZEALAND
2015 Martin Lincoln NZ 74h13m KIWI RANDONNEURS INC
2015 Naresh Kumar Kondurnagabhushan IN 87h26m KIWI RANDONNEURS INC
2015 Nicholas Pusinelli NZ 67h09m AUDAX UK
2015 Nikolaus Brunner NZ 87h02m YACF
2007 Rod Oliver NZ 87h29m EURAUDAX RAND NED.
2015 Simon Henderson NZ 80h31m KIWI RANDONNEURS INC
2007 Steven Sharpe NZ 77h26m RANDONNEURS NEW-ZEALAND
2015 William Thomas NZ 79h16m AUDAX UK


  • Many New Zealanders live and work outside New Zealand and may have entered as a different nationality
  • This list only includes riders entered PBP with "NZ" as their nationality, or have entered as a member of Kiwi Randonneurs (or its predecessors Audax Australia - New Zealand or RANDONNEURS NEW-ZEALAND)
  • Results sourced from BC Randonneurs and


Congratulations to all PBP finishers!

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What an epic ride this was. We all thought the weather in 2007 was bad but it seems this year was a tough one too.

Great to see all Kiwi Randonneurs finished well within the time limit.

Good on you all:

Ed Allen 89h17
Douglas Mabey 86h22
Craig McGregor 85h32

I am looking forward to reading your stories and seeing photos if you managed to get any.

Best wishes,


Kiwi Randonneurs at PBP 2011.


PBP 2011 Qualification

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Here are the results I have for PBP qualifying rides.

Please let me know if I am missing any ride information.

Congratulations Ed, Iwao, Douglas & Craig on qualifying for PBP 2011!

I believe it is possible to substitute a longer ride for a shorter ride so even though some of you have not done a 300 (according to my records) you have qualified on the basis that you have more than one 400 or 600.
200 300 400 600 Qualified
Allen 1 2 2 Y
Baker 1
Bridgman 1
Fujii 1 1 1 1 Y
Heal 1
Mabey 2 2 2 Y
McDonald 2 1
McGregor 1 3 2 Y
Yamazaki 1 1
Please let me know if anyone is contemplating entering any of my rides over the coming month.
30th April 300
7th May 200
14th May 400
28th May 600

* Does not include brevets that were certified by Audax Australia (e.g. Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge Enduro, which could optionally be ridden as a 300km brevet)


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