ALPI 4000 Brevet

Grand Tour of the Alps and Northern Italy

July 22nd 2018 will take place a 1400 km "randonnée", the "ALPI 4000 Brevet - Grand Tour of the Alps and Northern Italy" with BRM approval. 

ALPI 4000 is part of IGT (Italia del Grand Tour), a four over 1200km randonnées brevet, each taking place every 4 years. 

You will find all the information on  

Thank you, good work and best regards. 

Luca Bonechi
(President Audax Randonneur Italy) 

Enrico Peretti
(organizational secretariat Audax Randonneur Italy) 


Micky in Queenstown, 2017

We are all devastated and deeply saddened from the loss of Micky Inagaki in a serious crash with a truck on the Tekapo-Twizel road during our "Tiki Tour" ride.

Micky  at Rakaia Gorge 2017

Micky at St Arnaud 2015


This was Micky's second visit to New Zealand and I had ridden with him in Australia. It was always pleasure to host him with his jovial persona. On this occasion, his wife Tomomi was also able to join us as part of our volunteer team for the Tiki Tour. Micky was the President of Audax Japan, a role in which he was always striving to improve the sport in Japan, to encourage Japanese riders them to participate in events abroad and foreigners to come to events in Japan. Micky was and a prolific randonneur, completing 18 1200km or longer randonneuring events around the world (8 in Europe, 6 in North America, 3 in Asia and 1 in Australia). Along the way, Micky touched the lives of many international randonneurs with his cheerful a smile, friendly waves, encouraging words and generous assistance to all of those around him.

Micky on the Crown Range, 2017

Micky on the Port Hills, 2015

Chris Wilby was injured in this incident and following some time recovering from the accident at Christchurch Hospital he now back home in continuing his recovery. We wish Chris a speedy recovery.

Chris Wilby

The cause of the collision is subject to an investigation by the Serious Crash Unit. Kiwi Randonneurs will provide any assistance required in support of the investigation(s) into this tragic incident.

We believe rider safety is paramount and will review any findings from this accident closely.

We would like to thank the support we have received from those in the International Randonneuring and New Zealand cycling Communities.

Controls and Services en-route


Due to the front loading of the hills on this route, Les Randonneurs Mondiaux have authorised us to use revised cutoff times based on a 13.333km/h average speed.

Please remember the revised time-limits are set to ensure riders can get adequate rest. I recommend aiming to get the overnight controls by the regular "ACP90" closing time and leaving prior to the "Cutoff Time" that has been calculated based on 13.333km average over the whole route, from Day 2 onward.

Control #LocationDistanceOpenACP90CutoffDetailed Location
1Queenstown012/03 06:0012/03 07:0012/03 07:00
-Crown Range36Water Stop at Summit before descent.
2Makarora West14412/03 10:1412/03 15:3612/03 15:36Makarora Country Café
3Haast22712/03 12:4412/03 21:0812/03 21:08The Hard Antler
4Bruce Bay30312/03 15:0613/03 02:1213/03 02:12
5Fox Glacier34812/03 16:3013/03 05:1213/03 05:12Ivory Towers Lodge
6Harihari43312/03 19:1413/03 10:5213/03 14:29Pukeko Café
7Hokitika50812/03 21:4413/03 15:5213/03 20:06
8Otira59013/03 00:2813/03 21:2014/03 02:15Stagecoach Hotel
9Flock Hill64113/03 02:1614/03 01:3514/03 06:05Flock Hill Station Lodge
10Geraldine84613/03 09:3514/03 19:3214/03 21:27
11Tekapo93413/03 12:4415/03 03:1415/03 04:03Near Church of the Lost Sheperd
12Lake Ruataniwha99713/03 14:5915/03 08:4415/03 08:47Holiday Park
13Tarras110713/03 19:1215/03 17:0215/03 17:02Tarras Country Coffee Shop
14Queenstown120513/03 22:5816/03 00:0016/03 00:00111 Frankton Rd

The following services are available on the Tiki Tour route

Cardrona (51km) Cardrona Hotel (open from 9am)
Wanaka (76km) Four Square (open from 7am), Various other cafes and subway restaurant
Lake Hawea (99km) Sailz Lake Hawea Store (open from 7:30am)
Makarora West (144km) Makarora Country Café (open from 8:30am), Makarora Tourist Centre (149km, open from 8am)
Haast (227km) The Hard Antler Bar and Restaurant (Open from 11am)
Bruce Bay (302km) Water Stop; Manned Control
Fox Glacier (347km) OVERNIGHT: Ivory Lodge Backpackers
Franz Josef (371 km) Full of Beans cafe (Opens 7am), Four Square (opens 8am)
Whataroa (402 km) Whataroa Service station (opens ?)
Harihari (433km) Pukeko store and Café (opens 7:30am), GAS Harihari (opens ?)
Ross (480 km) Ross store (open 8am to 8pm)
Kaniere (503km) Gas service station, Pub
Hokitika (507km) Subway restaurant, several cafes, BP service station, Four Square
Otira (590 km) Otira Stagecoach Hotel (open ?)
Arthurs Pass Village (603 km) ARTHUR'S PASS STORE & CAFÉ (Open 8am to 5pm), WOBBLY KEA CAFE & BAR (Open 10am to 8pm), Bealey Hotel (1km past village- food open till 9pm)
Flock Hill Station (641 km) OVERNIGHT: Flock Hill Lodge
Springfield (686 km) Springfield service station (open 7:30am to 7pm), Yellowshack Café (open 8am to 5pm), Springfield store (open ?)
Sheffield (695 km) The Famous Sheffield Pie Shop (open 6:30am to 4pm)
Darfield (712 km) Bakery, Cafes, Supermarket
Hororata (736 km) Cafe closes 4pm
Mayfield (812 km) Caltex Mayfield (open 24hours but NEED TO CHECK IF JUST PUMPS OPEN!)
Geraldine (846km) Z service station (open till 10pm), Various cafes (most with closing times of 8-9pm), Excellent Indian Restaurant
Fairlie (892km) BP service station (open till 10pm), Caltex (open till ?), Four Square (open till 7pm)
Tekapo (935km) Challenge service station (open 7am till 6pm), Four Square (open till 8pm), Reflections Café (open till 8:30pm), Lake Tekapo Tavern (open late)
Twizel (992km) Supermarket, various cafes and restaurants. Not much after 10pm
Lake Ruataniwha (997km) OVERNIGHT: Lake Ruataniwha Holiday Park
Omarama (1028km) Oasis Cafe from 7:30am
Tarras (1107km) Country Coffee Shop until 4pm
Cromwell (1137km) Subway until 9pm; Various cafes and bars

Finalised Tiki Tour Route

Following our vollies ride, I've made some tweaks to the route. These reduce the gravel on route to just 1.8km while still avoiding what we perceive as the worst traffic spots in the area, and also eliminating a couple of unnecessary 18% pinches on the way back to Queenstown.

The first two days are quite demanding. We have spaced out the first control on the third day to be time-limit friendly.

If you would like to use a phone as backup to GPS, I recommend joining our RideWithGPS club where you will be able to get offline maps and other "premium" features when riding on routes organised by Kiwi Randonneurs.
Kiwi Randonneurs RideWithGPS Club with join code

Following final tweaks to the route, there is now just 1.8km of hardpack, which is in better condition than some of the sealed roads. The rest is sealed, but much on the eastern side of the route is large stones in the chipseal, so I still recommend 28-32mm tyres.

Days 1 & 2 are tough. Day 3 has some of the fastest parts of the route.
Day 4 is the taper off.

Whole route:

Tiki Tour 1200K (Whole Route)

Day One:

Tiki Tour 1200K (Day One)

Day Two:

Tiki Tour 1200K (Day Two)

Day Three:

Tiki Tour 1200K (Day Three)

Day Four:

Tiki Tour 1200K (Day Four)

Tech Head 101 #The Wheelsucker

Unloved by the peloton, the wheelsucker is the hemorrhoid on the tail of the bunch, breathing easy, unshiftable from their trailing position until 10m before top of climb when they accelerate past and disappear into the distance.

A Dutch research team has tested the effects on a lead rider of having other riders closely following and found that the advantage goes to every rider but the last one.

Proving the wheelsucker is in fact a true friend of the bunch, toiling away at the back for the benefit of all.