Eketahuna Dash

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6:00 am - 7:30 pm

Martinborough Square


Same good old Eketahuna Dash

200km flat spin around some of our favorite roads

This ride is a 200km Brevet, and operates under the BRM Rules. The time-limit for a 200km Brevet is 13.5 hours.

Start/Finish for this ride is at Martinborough Square.

Checkpoints are at Eketahuna,

Route information

Route information can be found on RideWithGPS.

Get Cue Sheet (PDF) (from RideWithGPS)

TCX with turn by turn for Garmin Fitness devices (from RideWithGPS)

GPX for almost any GPS device (from RideWithGPS)

Remember: It is your responsibility to ensure you are visible at night or during low light conditions. Please be familiar with Kiwi Randonneurs Night Riding rules.
Please note: Some RideWithGPS features for generating cue sheets and Garmin Direct write are only available if you join the Kiwi Randonneurs RideWithGPS Club, which gives you access to paid features for Kiwi Randonneurs rides.


We have 6 confirmed rider(s), including 0 rider(s) for whom we have reserved space(s) but have yet to receive payment
There are currently 19 more spaces available ($10.00).
Registration for this event closes on 24/06/2017.

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