BRM Event Template

6am start from Martinborough. 300km is a long way so bring 2 sets of lights and a reflective jacket.   Route information Route information can be found on RideWithGPS. Get Cue Sheet (PDF) (from RideWithGPS) TCX with turn by turn for Garmin Fitness devices (from RideWithGPS) GPX for almost any GPS device (from RideWithGPS) […]

LEL 2017

The next London Edinburgh London takes place on 30 July 2017. You can guarantee your place on London Edinburgh London 2017 from 15 September 2015 for just £100! Full details on our new website, which launches on 8 September 2015.

le Petit Brevet

Anyone able to take over running le Petit Brevet around Banks Peninsula? I just checked the blog and Tim says: “With both the Kiwi and Great Southern Brevets happening next year, the Le Petit Brevet could again be used for the perfect warm up. Unfortunately I will not be organising it this year as I […]

Douglas Mabey

Sadly there was tragic accident involving a cyclist  in Wellington last weekend. I am very sorry to report that the rider involved was our friend, ride organiser and Paris-Brest-Paris ancien Douglas Mabey. When it was suggested that we establish a Randonneuring Club within New Zealand, Douglas was the first person to put his hand up. […]

Super Randonnées

The Super Randonnée is a 600K event with more than 10,000m of climbing. Anyone got any ideas for a Kiwi Super Randonnée? Super Randonnées are challenging permanents which are organized, verified and validated by Audax Club Parisien. Located in mountainous areas, they include many passes and summits. Some of them are unknown, others are world famous. […]

Portugal Alem Tejo 1000km

Randonneurs Portugal will be organizing, for the first time, a 1000 k Brevet in the 20 September – Portugal Alem Tejo 1000k. We are confident that this ACP brevet will stay in the hearts and memories of the riders, as the route of – Portugal Alem Tejo 1000k – was designed to visit relevant historical […]