ALPI 4000 Brevet

Grand Tour of the Alps and Northern Italy July 22nd 2018 will take place a 1400 km “randonnée”, the “ALPI 4000 Brevet – Grand Tour of the Alps and Northern Italy” with BRM approval.  ALPI 4000 is part of IGT (Italia del Grand Tour), a four over 1200km randonnées brevet, each taking place every 4 […]


We are all devastated and deeply saddened from the loss of Micky Inagaki in a serious crash with a truck on the Tekapo-Twizel road during our “Tiki Tour” ride.   This was Micky’s second visit to New Zealand and I had ridden with him in Australia. It was always pleasure to host him with his […]

Controls and Services en-route

Controls/Checkpoints Due to the front loading of the hills on this route, Les Randonneurs Mondiaux have authorised us to use revised cutoff times based on a 13.333km/h average speed. Please remember the revised time-limits are set to ensure riders can get adequate rest. I recommend aiming to get the overnight controls by the regular “ACP90” […]